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Preguntas Frecuentes

  • Where are you located specifically?
    Vivers Borda is located at Ctra. of Preixens s/n (Masia Xerrill),within the municipality of Castellserà, Lleida.See Google Maps location. < /p>
  • How can we find out the prices of any of the products in the catalog?
    If you are interested in knowing the prices of Vivars Borda products, contact us.
  • How is product quality guaranteed?
    All our products are still rigorousEuropean quality standards. They comply with thequality, regulatory and phytosanitary measures.The location of our nurseries in a climatically extreme area (-15 / + 40), with great temperature contrasts, means that our plants are highly resistant and able to adapt to different climatic zones.
  • What can we do to know how to take care of a particular plant, tree or shrub?
    You have three options.
  • Can the facilities be visited to choose the product on site?
    Yes, as long as the visit is arranged first.
  • Do you sell related products, such as fertilizers?
    No, but we can guide and give information.
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